THIS SATURDAY: Mind’s Eye at Brooklyn Fireproof

Winner of New Zealand’s Best Spacial Design Award, Tim Brown, introduces Minds Eye: a project created to push the ideas of what Brown thinks spatial art could be. The interplay between light and shadow, form and materiality, parallax and the use of sonic materiality have all been carefully considered for a very specific effect on the occupant as they view and become at one with the world of ideas they temporarily inhabit. Hailing from New Zealand where he worked as a factory worker, and now residing in Brooklyn, Brown has found it a struggle to cope with the greed driven consumerist of western culture. He uses this forum to explore the ideas of being trapped and overwhelmed by culture. With collaborations from award-winning artists, Ana Mouyis and Zachary Zezima, Mind’s Eye Explores this concept through two collages, animated to the music of Brooklyn band, O Paradiso. The animations will be looped and projected to live sounds of the band as well. There will be infinite abstractions created through light and shadow play caused by placement and depth of the screens, coupled with the rhythmic projections, and occupation of the space by the musicians and participants.

Minds Eye
Brooklyn Fireproof
119 Ingraham St #202, Brooklyn, NY 11237
February 15th / 9pm -1am

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