The Lazy Gardener’s Dream Machine

There’s nothing better than working hard on a project and sitting back to enjoy the results of your efforts. Whether it’s gluing together a model plane, building your own website, or growing your own vegetables, you also come out with knowledge you didn’t have before. But sometimes you just want something created for you, am I right? Sometimes it’s more about the product than the process. Well imagine if you could “Do It Yourself” without doing anything at all! That’s what the creators of the indoor greenhouse at MEG have proposed. At first glance MEG looks like a computer nerd’s pimped out PC, but it’s actually a social media connected, open sourced device that is apparently “aiming to improve the consciousness of Nature”  through “Growing Automation.” Much like the 3D printer or microwave in its day, MEG could take the common consumer one step closer to being the self-sufficient futurist that we all hope to be. The team at MEG has taken the same technologies used at industrial grow houses, and micro-sized the mechanics for use in the comfort of your own home. It comes fully equipped with an amalgam of tools to regulate light, temperature, moisture, soil pH,  and more. Now you can grow those dank, sticky, perfectly crystallized marij-…ahem… heirloom tomatoes out of your own living room, without taking any time from you’re GTA killing sprees. Chill bro.

Learn more about MEG at their Kickstarter page.

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