the BLAAAHg gets a New Home

You may have noticed, but looks a little different these days. Well, the time has come, where we at theBLAAAHg were feeling a bit like big fish in a little pond, and thought it was time to expand from our usual tumblr site to something that could house our original content in an organized and aesthetically pleasing manner. With that said, we are pleased to present to you all theBLAAAHg 2.0. Equipped with central air, and all new stainless steel articles, the new site sets out to offer more of what you all have already enjoyed on our tumblr site, but with a bit more of a personal touch.  Along with a growing editorial team, we will serve more as a digital version of our magazine in hopes to build a creative community that can grow together in a like-minded digital space. Please DO leave comments below and let us know what you think about the new site, and any glitches or things you may have noticed that could use impovement. Much thanks and ENJOY!

– Mauricio Vargas (Founder / Editor)


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