Studio Visit: Patrick Quinn


A story of millennial pioneering, for the past five years Patrick Quinn has been a Detroit resident taking advantage—as many artists and young visionaries have—of the bankrupt city’s affordability and ripe agricultural standing. During that time, he took a short hiatus from “fine arts,” following his graduation from Virginia Commonwealth University. Instead, Quinn focused on self-discovery and building a level of economic security that would allow for the gradual reintroduction of his practice. Now, several years back in production, he’s shown a continued profundity for drawing and painting, as well as exploring new media such as ceramics with a collective he co-founded called Hamtramck Ceramck. Half experimentation and half transcendent stoner prose, his multi-disciplinary approach has amounted to a unique and personal sentiment steeped in dick jokes, internet behavioral studies, and timeless truths. The result is a body of work that in and of itself serves as a withdrawal from the elitist art scene that he has been so apprehensive about making ties with—instead supplying a healthy dose of undeniable sincerity typically lacking from today’s contemporary art world.


Keep up with Patrick’s art at and misadventures on his Instagram @dipatrio.

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