Shrink It Pink at Cathouse FUNeral

Pink is an American fantasy color that plays a puzzling role in society; it is either lovingly caressed or shunned like a pair of last season’s Uggs. The works in Shrink It Pink It range from the beautiful to the grotesque, employing humor, sexuality and princess culture. The show’s title is based on a common marketing catchphrase, “shrink it and pink it,” that is still used and dates back to the 1950s when product designers transformed household items in order to attract female consumers. The show celebrates the ways women and men covet this scintillating shade.

An extensive selection of work from 90 artists is displayed salon style at Cathouse FUNeral—a visual cluster f@*k of sweet serendipity, where different approaches to Pink unite in cohesive symbiosis.

Opening all day Saturday the 18th from 1-7 PM
260 Richardson St., Brooklyn, New York 11222

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Curated by Irena Jurek and Diana Buckley

Michael Ashkin, Inna Babaeva, Noah Becker, Sarah Bednarek, Brian Belott, JoAnn Berman, Brent Birnbaum, Paul Brainard, Martin Bromirski, Melissa Brown, Eoin Burke/ Jim Dessicino, Caroline Chandler, Michael Cline, Jennifer Coates, Lisa Cobbe, Barnett Cohen, Pamela Council, Paul DeMuro, Raul de Nieves, Johannes DeYoung, Lindsey Dickson, Tiffany DiOrio, Leah Dixon, Michael Dotson, Erin Dunn, Austin Eddy, Kenneth Edward, Austin English, Evie Falci, Katrina Fimmel, Matthew Fischer, Dawn Frasch, Marlene Frontera, Linnéa Gad, Jill Galarneau, Kati Gegenheimer, Erik Gonzalez, Jesse A Greenberg, Adam Green, Charlotte Hallberg, MacGregor Harp, Shadi Harouni, Eric Hibit, Greg Hopkins, Miles Huston, Irena Jurek, Osamu Kobayashi, Maki Kitagawa, Hein Koh, Alison Kuo, Austin Lee, Kristina Lee, Kristy Leibowitz, Molly Lowe, Akemi Maegawa, Michael Mahalchick, Nikki Maloof, Steven Mayer, Chris McGee, Saira Mclaren, Eric Mistretta, Rebecca Morgan, S.E. Nash, Tin Nguyen, Annie Pearlman, Allie Pisarro-Grant, Jordan Rathus, Leigh Ruple, Carolyn Salas, Justin Samson, Chelsea Seltzer, Mark Sengbusch, Rachel Schmidhofer, Talia Shulze, Jocelyn Shipley, Timothy Simonds, Adam Parker Smith, Jason Stopa, Jennifer Sullivan, Stephen Truax, Keith Varadi, Jacques Louis Vidal, Molly Weiss, Natalie Westbrook, Kim Westfall, Birgit Wolfram, Natalie Colette Wood

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