Sex Ed : Get Freaky like a Slug

I think it’s safe to say that when it comes to sex, we all have our “things.” A butt plug here, some nipple clamps there. Whatever it may be, sex is one of God’s great gifts that has endless avenues of exploration, but let’s turn our attention over to another sexy little slimeball in the animal kingdom. The slug. These fuckers are born lubed up and ready to go, and are the living embodiment of androgyny, being that they are all hermaphrodites and swing whichever way tickles their fancy. Of course those are just starting points. Their kama sutra, though significantly shorter than the human version, probably takes much more explaination. Maybe even certification training. Slugss don’t just do nature’s standard issue doggie style, they go Cirque de Soleil on their shit and put on a hellova show. So get out your notepads and prepare to be blown.

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