Getting Trippy with Quantum Mechanics

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From a docu-drama about Steven Hawking, to Matthew McConaughey going through different dimensions, quantum mechanics has hit new heights  in popular culture recently. Soon enough, posters of Katy Perry and stoned aliens will be replaced by hotties like Neils Bohr and Ed Witten. Dating sites will begin to go out of business. Debates about the structure of our multi-dimensional universe will be common place. Religions will crumble under the observable laws known by all.  The world would be united by one humanist endeavor; the peaceful survival of the human race.

Ok maybe a bit of an inflated thought, but nothing bad can come from brushing up on your science right? So here’s little crash course created by a beautiful human we found while surfing around youtube. His name is Eugene Khutoryansky. Out of all the people who have attempted to relay the weird and wonderful world of modern physics, the trophy undoubtedly goes to this creative lover of science. Not only does Khutoryansky provide a great collection of videos that explaining some helpful fundamentals ( Einsteins Law of Relativity, Maxwell’s Laws, Schrodinger’s cat, etc.), but he lets his nerd flag fly, incorporating some artfully rendered,  3-dimensional animations to help explain the contemporary rules of nature. With the assistance of his 80’s graphical approach and cosmic anime babes, he moves through the lessons at a moderate pace so one can fully enjoy both the concepts and trippy visuals alike in one beautifully entangled sittings.

Check out all of his videos on his youtube page. Enjoy!

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