RICHARDS F/W 2015 Collection

Once again Richards provides us with an inspiring exploration of textile design and minimal silhouettes. With an uninhibited use of colors, the FW2015 collection dives into what looks to be a fusion of imagery taken from an space station control tower. Collaged views of the earth and space odyssey-like  interface designs creates a point of reference, implying that the future lies in the boundless reaches of space. The laws of thermodynamics have proven true on a galactic level as we race with the entropic nature of our universe. Energy resources have been depleted and only through the relentless search of the cosmic microwave background do we humans have a clue as to our next venture without meeting our demise. Our technology limits us, but its our only hope. Or at least that’s my interpretation of the line. I need to lay off the sci-fi.

Check out the full book HERE>

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