PICTURES: Dameht at the Pyramid Club

Like most people I know, you’ve long since stashed away your pop-punk mp3s along with your Napster account. The thought of listening to New Found Glory, let alone going to one of their shows, brings on anxiety comparable to the dread of a full day of school ahead. Alas, we are not here to beat down genres, but to open minds to their evolution, and that’s where a band like Dahmet comes into the conversation. Dahmet, a four dude band out of Brooklyn, has evolved the genre in a way that’s hard to ignore. It most closely orbits the world of pop punk, but incorporates elements of dance and hip hop, giving it a an undeniable energy. Have you guys heard of Bruno Mars? Yea I don’t listen to him either (yes I do, and you do too), but you may find yourself liking Dahmet for similar reasons. It’s infectious.

While Dahmet’s songs might not accrue heavy rotation on your daily commute, they’re perfect for a good ‘ol fashioned delirious dance party. The type of party where everyone is confident and beautiful and happy and young and the world is on some sort of string of hope that will amount to a hangover you will nurse with your fellow conspirators. Considering it’s music made for a generation of narcissism, the music creates an unpretentious environment made for fun. That’s it. Like a baptismal splash of high life, this all became very apparent at their show at The Pyramid Club last Friday. Well practiced, and geared up in synchronized costumes, the band’s sense of camaraderie reverberated through the cramped space, begging for your oblivious self to let loose, close your eyes and bounce around. As the night drew closer to an end, the crowd enthusiastically danced and celebrated their friends’ final Pyramid club show, and what seemed to be a profound residency. Though you may feel out of place if you don’t have a black leather jacket and unhindered, irrepressible youthful glee, it’s nothing a few tequila shots can’t remedy to get that chip sanded down.   Learn more about Dameht …

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