PHOTOS: The Last Brucennial

The art flower was in full bloom at the Last Brucennial this past weekend. With a suicide subsiding, sun coated high of 52 degrees, it made for a perfect day to ignore the semi permenant piles of shit colored snow and concentrate on an array of interesting works by some of today’s best up and coming female artists. It’s clear that the depiction of ones genitals is nowhere near played out, as it flourished across several canvases throughout the space, gradating from literal to abstract examples of the vagina. Like any over stimulating art fair you’re left with an overwhelming lack of mental stability, only to grasp onto the few artists you remembered to scribble in your notebook. Some of our favorite scribbles included Trudy BensonTalia Shulze, Sophia NarrettKatrina Fimmel, Mary Ann StrandellKate Pane, Kathe BurkhartCorydon Cowansage, Rachel MalinIrena Jurek, Sarah Kurz, Chloe Wise and Caroline Larsen. Phew! Ok go check it out for yourself now.


The Last Brucennial
presented by Vito Schnabel and the Bruce High Quality Foundation
March 7th – April 4th
837 Washington St, New York, NY 10014

Learn more at the Brucennial Website

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