Particular Pictures at The Suzanne Geiss Company

Particular Pictures
April 5th – April 26, 2014

Hours Open
Tuesday – Saturday 12 – 6 pm
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Particular Pictures is a group exhibition curated by New York based artists Joshua Abelow and Emily Ludwig Shaffer. The title is lifted from Twin Peaks when Agent Cooper is describing the mysterious specificity of pictures that appear in dreams.There is a surreal, open-ended narrative suggested by the arrangement of the works throughout the space. Artists included are both established and emerging, and the works span four decades.

Do you know where dreams come from, Harry?

Not Specifically

COOPER (very happy)
Acetylcholine neurons fire high, voltage impulses into the fore-brain. The impulses
become pictures, the pictures become your dream. But no one knows why we choose
these particular pictures.

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