New York’s next up and coming neighborhood: the ocean

Ok lets admit it. We’re about a quarter million births away from becoming an over populated clusterfuck here in New York. More so, Williamsburg has become a hipster Times Square and next in line is Bushwick and Bedstuy. Its only a matter of time until tourists take over our blessed neighborhoods. Where will everyone go? The ocean of course. No need to give up your convenient commute and condominium living either, as engineers have been playing with the idea of ocean life for some time now, thanks to rising sea levels and people fucking like rabbits. But only recently has there been considerable competition in the field of aquatic real estate. From floating islands to self submerging biospheres, scientists and developers have thought of it all. This is nothing new though, as seen in Hong Kong’s Causeway Bay, where you can find tens of thousands of boat-dwellers who have formed a fully functioning floating village equipped with local eats and live music. Sounds fun! Until this becomes the norm though, keep your soylent packs near. Fingers crossed we’ll finally find out what having a shark as a neighbor is like. Learn more at theGaurdian

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