New Pythagoreans

 The sum of 1 plus 2 plus 3 plus 4 is 10, a sacred and omnipotent number in Pythagoreanism, so we found it appropriate to invite four people that we thought represented what post-modern Pythagoreanism might be across a range of disciplines. Embodying different principles of the Pythagorean doctrine, these individuals all express themselves through their respective media, sharing the variety of  beauty that nature reveals to them. Be it through the act of mathematical reasoning, mixed media exploration, music & performance, or language, they all uphold a commitment to inquiry and praxis. In a time of increasing uncertainty, these individuals serve as evidence of the potential in all of us and what the future may hold.


Photography by Charlie Rubin

Styling by AJ Lund

Make-Up  by Alex Mossa

Words by Mauricio Vargas







NISSE GREENBURG is a mathematician, storyteller, vegetarian and educator based out of Brooklyn, New York. I first met him as my instructor while taking a class called Self Analysis Through Statistics at the Abrons Art Center. It was there that I first encountered the creative connectivity that Nisse’s brain provided between the worlds of math, philosophy, and art. Thru a lesson that detailed the origins of the equal sign, and explained the importance of Bayes Theorem, we navigated a range of methodologies—such as personal statistics awareness, graph making, and reductive reasoning—to help us discover statistics in our own lives. Through a marriage of math and self-discovery, we charted patterns in our own behaviors which helped track down the origins of certain personality traits we carry. A brief yet enlightening exercise. Learn more about Nisse and upcoming classes/talks at his website, 



























No one is free who has not obtained the empire of himself.

— Pythagoras





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