New New at Magic


NEW NEW is a group show featuring works from artists Gogy Esparza, Maggie Lee and Peter Sutherland.

Through sculpture, installation, photography and digital collage, NEW NEW presents each artist’s interpretation of rebirth or a “new beginning.”

Consequently, light, hope and reflection are prominent themes throughout the exhibition. Usage of mirrors, layered images of different opacities, and translucent window installations and sculptures manifest these motifs. References to the artists’ childhoods and teenage nostalgia, paired with bright, pastel colors and textures evoke feelings of youth and revival.

Keen on paying homage to the gallery’s Canal street location, much of work incorporates the aesthetic of the marketplaces and goods often found on Canal and it’s neighboring Chinatown blocks.

Gogy Esparza (b. 1987) is a New York City based artist who concentrates in fine art, photography, and video. His last project, EL VACÍO (2012-13) featured a book of photography published by Dashwood Books, and and an accompanying exhibition with Comme Des Garçons in Berlin. A regular contributor to Richardson Magazine, Gogy’s work has also been featured in Interview, DazedDigital, and i-D.

Maggie Lee (b. 1987) is a Taiwanese American multimedia artist from Westfield, New Jersey and is based in New York City. Her prolific output takes the form of video, photography, writing, and independent publishing. A regular contributor to Vice Magazine since 2008, Lee has photographed four covers and since has contributed to a variety of publications, including Sex Magazine, The Journal, Gottlund Verlag, PictureBox, Decathlon Books, ‘Sup Magazine, Urban Outfitters, The aNYthing Glob, and New Museum Paper. Her work has been exhibited at Martos Gallery, Bodega Gallery, Printed Matter, New Museum’s Resource Center and Storefront.

Peter Sutherland (b. 1976) is a New York City based artist that works in different mediums, producing thought provoking imagery in a non-indexical manner at the same time following one thematic thought. His work is a reflection of life as a young American, fragments of urban degradation and exposes the happy accidents that make life interesting.

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