New Museum Incubator to Help Emerging Tech Artists

As a way to fill the gap between biz-tech incubators and artists residencies, the New Museum is setting up a program that will grant tech artists the the tools needed to get their unconventional projects out of limbo. With professional skill building programs and collaborative workspaces, NEW INC will foster new age creatives and innovators.

“We want to leverage the museum’s expertise to help artists and designers navigate these conversations and provide a kind of cultural stewardship for developing these initiatives.” says Julia Kaganskiy, the Director of NEW INC.

Geared up with prototyping labs and screening rooms, the 11,000 square-foot space sounds like a creative candy store, where artistic mad scientists can go to finally have the tools necessary to create what had originally only lived in their imaginations. In a time when exponential advancement is occurring in technology, this exciting program will allow the same to happen in fine tech art and design.

Learn more about the program in an interview with Julia Kaganskiy on PSFK


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