LISTEN: “Beats in Space” by Axel Boman


What up what up? I’m Andrew Devlon, a friend of the BLAAAHg’s and maybe a friend of yours. I DJ and throw parties in NY and I listen to a lot of mixes. I’m gonna be picking the occasional mix for this here website, and today I’m going to start off nice and easy. It’s a set from Tim Sweeney’s Beats in Space radio show featuring Axel Boman. Axel weaves a real dream here–starting off blissful, venturing into some challenging territory, and coming out funky on the other side. As a bonus you get to here Axel’s cool German accent and Tim Sweeney’s giddy laughter. If you’re into this, check out Axel’s album Family Vacation on Spotify.

Image via RBMA radio

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