Jotu by Botany

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Under the Botany moniker, Spencer Stephenson creates rich psychological and emotional experiences through audio. When he started creating his own music at age 15, he was enamored with Four Tet, Stars of the Lid, Madlib, and Dilla. In his late teens, he went through a heavy period of discovery with Psychedelic rock, Krautrock, and Brit-folk. “I started imitating a lot of those forms in my own music, sampling them sometimes, recording from scratch sometimes, but really just trying to bridge a gap between those worlds and sample-based hip hop, and I’m still trying.”

On his latest effort Dimming Awe, the Light is Raw, the 27-year-old producer and composer continues dissolving the borders between his disparate-yet-beloved psych, hip hop, and ambient influences. Unlike his debut LP Lava Diviner, which peaked and valley-ed through a narrative arc, Dimming Awe focuses on the artist’s ever-unfolding, present state of mind. As a former jazz student, spiritual/free jazz philosophy regarding what he calls “emergent” music has increasingly become a guiding light when he creates. “The more emergent I let my music be when I’m making it, the more I like the result, it feels like a truer reflection. I feel like I am getting closer to doing that with computer-made music,” he says. “This album is a document of what I do, not a statement in any explicit way. I feel like I’m moving closer to a jazz underpinning that I’ve always felt, philosophically more than aesthetically…making music feels more like exhaling as I grow older.”

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