Interview with Josh Da Costa of Regal Degal

Last week Regal Degal played a superb show at the MoMA Nights event put on by Newtown Radio.  Amongst a crowd of friends, family, and attentive art lovers, the band played a mix of older classics and some new favs off their latest album “Not Now.” After the show Josh Da Costa was nice enough to indulge us by answering a few questions. In the short time we had, we were able to learn a few things about the gregarious band member, including their approach to making the latest album compared to the past, views on nuclear power, and his preference for Stephen Segal.


Photos by Charlie Rubin

Interview by Mauricio Vargas

What’s the best museum show you’ve ever played?

Well, I’d have to say this show. I did have the pleasure of playing as a band member with DUCKTAILS at the Getty Museum in LA just a month ago. That was really nice too, but I’d say that was more like training for this show at the MoMA.

(Josh notices someone negotiating with the person guarding the door to the courtyard)

Wait, that guy! I need to get that guy to get in here!

(An exchange of sign language while sitting at the drum set results in the guard allowing his friend in. Party on.)

Do you like visual art? Who are your favs?

I love visual art! But you know, the reasons are plenty why I couldn’t give you a known / established artist off the top of my head. First off because I’m way to disoriented at the moment to answer that properly, but I’ll tell you about a couple friends that I know and are great because that’s what I think people need to know about. One of those people would be Daniel Arnold, he’s a photographer. I think he’s amazing. He’s a New York based artist and we were lucky enough to work with him over the summer when he took some photos of us, which was great because I have immense respect for him. Our friend Michael Welner is a great sort of graphic designer and all around creative wiz and he’s doing some art work for some friends of ours and their records. And then there’s Ebesho Muslimova who has this amazing series of these cute and charming, yet grotesque, naked fat versions of herself, spread and contorted in the most obscene ways. It’s good. It’s good.

How do you feel about nuclear power?

I would say a nuclear family needs nuclear power. So lets keep it up. Solar power, I appreciate it, but can’t we all co-exist? Power to the power.

What’s your favorite energy source?

Geneva Jacuzzi

So after listening to your latest album, it seems that you guys lean a bit more to the disco dance vibes with this one than some of the past albums. What would you say changed about the creative process with this album compared to the past few?

I’d say we had an EP that came out before this record and even though there was less material, it leaned a bit harder in the dance/ drum / bass feel. That was sort of our experiment. Though the first record we put out a couple years ago wasn’t so dance oriented and electronic, so I feel like this record is kind of a nice fusion of the two things. When we lived in LA a couple years ago it just kinda became this new dimension to explore. Industrial, body music, disco, etc. I don’t I’ve listened to music with different electronics for a long time but just never dabbled in that myself personally until more recently.

What’s your favorite dance move?

The puppet man

If Regal Degal was a Greek god, who would they be?


(Friend walks up to pay respects. Daps are given. Love is around. Someone yells “Party at Jacksons! Party at Jacksons! Party at Jacksons y’all!” An inside Joke no doubt amongst the community of fans/friends who came to the performance.)

OK, shotgun round…

Steven Segal or Jason Seigal?

Steven Segal

Abercrombie or American Eagle?

American Eagle

Marilyn Monroe or Marilyn Manson?


White or Red?


Now or Never?


Great!! Thanks Josh!

Check out upcoming dates and more music by Regal Degal at their Bandcamp page.

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