“Driveway” Pop-Up Exhibit

July 9th
6 – 9 pm 
431 Washington Avenue
G-C to Clinton-Washington
Daniel Klaas Beckwith
Allen Chen
Michael Handley 
Kiyoto Koseki
Christina Labey
Sylvia Hardy
Alina Enggist
Alessandro Teoldi
Asphalt. Driveways. The Street. The Curb.
These are our gathering grounds, these are also our nemeses in the heat 
of summer. 
A house becomes the physical memory of a time that has gone, this once 
was a doctor’s office in the basement, a Pratt fraternity, and now a mansion.
The structure has witnessed times we cannot replay.
Driveway is the second in a series of pop-up shows organized by Sylvia Hardy 
and Alessandro Teoldi with Alina Enggist as part of a project that aims to
bring artists together in an international community.
The show will be up just the evening of July the 9th from 6-9pm 
at 431 Washington Avenue, Brooklyn (G or C at Clinton-Washington).
Come join us! 

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