Dameht Final Residency Show @thePyramidClub

So there’s been a lot if talk surrounding this band Dameht, after they played a noteworthy set at Clayton Pattersons “$16 Dollar Burger” show”. Stirring up our curiosity, we’ve decided to check out the closing show of their Pyramid Club residency and see what all the fuss is about. At a digital glance, it’s reminiscent of other token “NY bands” that hold a certain youthful energy and punk aesthetic/demeanor. The product takes the electro-punk elements of The Death Set and pop elements of The Virgins, seemingly promising an experience that will take you to a place reminiscent of NYC’s underground music of yesteryear. This feeling may be enhanced by the omnipresence of Clay Patterson’s collaborative involvement and the Pyramid Club’s infamous 80’s back stories, but one will truly only know by going to the show.  After looking through some footage from their past performances, they will at the very least get you on your feet and moving the way you did in your days of studded belts and girl jeans. So prepare your most opaque outfit and get out to this show, which could be the beginning of a very interesting chapter in the NY music scene.

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