Book Club: Strange Paradise by Charlie Rubin

Strange Paradise ambles between the peculiar and the familiar, as Charlie Rubin works intuitively to create unexpected combinations with idiosyncratic logic. Taking perception as his waypoint, Rubin presents a kaleidoscopic body of work that explores the convergence of the actual and the artificial. While some photographs are manipulated, many are left unchanged, serving to pace and balance the work, and to further question what is natural and what is altered. The process of photography, printmaking, collage, and painting intermingle and assume new stances in Strange Paradise, creating a tension between the real and the virtual worlds we inhabit, and a reaction to technology’s effect on photography.

60 pages
7.5 x 9.75″
4 Color Printing / Digital Offset
Perfect Bound w/Tape Embellishment & Foil Stamp on Linen cover
Edition of 750
Published by Conveyor Editions, 2014

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