BOOK CLUB: Les diners de Gala

Dali was known for his passion for all things in life. His art. His wife. And apparently food as well. He once said, “When I was six years old, I wanted to be a cook.” 

Eventually that dream manifested into a very surreal illustrated book by the kooky cook. Filled with a collection of erotic food etchings and paintings that accompany twelve chapters of some of Dali’s favorite dishes from around the world, the book gives insight into a different side of Dali and his philosophies of selecting, cooking and eating food. Don’t expect to run into this book at your local Barnes and Noble though, published in 1973 the book has become so rare that copies go for $300 a pop, but luckily the good people at Brain Pickings have posted a hand full of ingredients to fulfill our appetite. Check em out HERE. Bon Appetit!

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