Blog of the Day: Craigslist Mirrors

tumblr_mzh1ro26xA1slcc4qo1_1280tumblr_mz7cmsbe6w1slcc4qo1_1280tumblr_mz8x3pA0U01slcc4qo1_1280tumblr_mys4iqfclX1slcc4qo1_1280Everyone’s got one. Maybe even one too many. What do you do with shit you don’t want? Sell it on craigslist. Risen from this common barter is a blog called Craigslist Mirrors. Curated by photographer Eric Oglander, the strange and mundane tumblr site allows one to see not only different approaches to taking a picture of your mirror, but also a look into the lives of people across America, making for an unexpectedly interesting series. Maybe its all smoke and mirrors, but we thought it was worth a share. Check out more at


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