BLAAAH Radio: Tech Edition

For this week’s installment of BLAAAH Radio, we’ve decided to concentrate on the theme of science and technology. We here at theBLAAAHg are big fans of both real and fictional sciences, and figured why not have a night where we can chat about our favorite topics in the field, as well as more philosophical approaches to the use and development of the latest technologies. On this weeks show we  have Ryan Hooks, a filmmaker and co-founder of, a new collaboration platform he has just launched for makers of all sorts to find each other. We will also have our old neighbor William Wagner, an engineer/designer/inventor friend of ours that always had some sort of cutting edge idea up his sleeve. In addition to those beautiful minds we got our friend Rachel Oliner, assistant editor at PSFK, she will lay down what’s up in the tech/art world. FINALLY, Chris Adell aka Smashkan will be talking us through some current events and then of course our favorite… MOVIE TRAILERS!!! Oh yea and there’s gonna be a bunch of sweet synthy/techno music for you guys to zone out on.

Have a listen at Newtown radio at 8pm. 

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