Best On-Hold Music Ever?

Encrypted into millions of peoples’ subconscious, the Cisco hold music, aka Opus No.1, has gathered somewhat of a cult following. It resembles a track made by indie artist D’eon, but was actually recorded in a garage in the 1980’s by  teenagers Darrick A. Deel and Tim Carleton. Created as an experimental composition with synthesizers, Opus No.1 is now one of the most forced listened songs in America. The song has gained recent praise after it was mentioned on This American Life giving credit to the original composers and answering the question asked by millions of entranced telephone customers: What is this strangely appealing hold music?

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  • Reply January 21, 2014


    I love this tune. I cannot describe how much I do. Of course, I am an 80s child and have always been all about the synths.

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