Bees Knees Spicy Honey

Bees Knees Spicy Honey is chili-infused spicy honey, hand-made with love in Brooklyn, NY. Started by Casey Elsass and Morgen Newman, the Brooklyn duo took a simple idea and has seen it thru to its fullest with great results, tackling a niche market that has not yet been owned by any larger manufacturers. Bottled in a familiar Seracha-style squeeze bottle, Bees Knees provides the sweet purity of Hudson Valley raw honey, with a spicy twist to keep things interesting. Get your  bottle of Bees Knees at Mixed Mades and check out some of Casey and Morgen’s favorite things to smother in their Spicy Honey.

Casey likes to smother:

#1: Pizza

#2: Mac & Cheese (homemade of course)

#3 (Tie): Kale Salad

#3 (Tie): His Beard

Morgen likes to smother:

#1: Grilled chicken, steak & everything

#2: Breakfast sandwiches & eggs

#3: Roasted Vegetables

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