Ana Kras “Mothers With Spoons and Relationships” at Ed. Varie

Ed. Varie is pleased to present a solo-exhibition by artist Ana Kraš, Mothers With Spoons and Relationships, with Opening Reception on Thursday July 24th, 6-9pm.

As an artist working in a variety of media, of recent Ana Kraš has been diving into her drawing practice resulting in two new large and ongoing series, Mothers With Spoons and Relationships. Reclaiming traditional materials such as oil pastel and colored pencil, Kraš redefines the rare simplicity of drawing on paper. With a gestural line reminding us of Matisse or Picasso, drawings from the Relationship series evoke a raw emotional reaction and a calculated amount of genuine intimacy. The quiet stillness and palette choices in the series Mothers With Spoons might nod to Morandi, yet the personalization of content and modern abstraction make them unique to only Kraš. Her unpretentious ability to anthropomorphize her practice and her work give the drawings of these series a whole new “life” of their own. The pieces work in a group, as well as stand out individually like multiple parts of a conversation. The exhibition will be a careful and casual installation of several pieces from both series, unveiling a yet undiscovered part of her practice. Mothers With Spoons and Relationships will mark Ana Kraš’ debut  show with Ed. Varie, as well as her first solo-exhibition in New York.

Ana Kraš, is an artist living and working in New York. Serbian born and raised in Belgrade, Kraš studied at the University of Applied Arts specializing in Interior Architecture and Furniture Design. Ana Kraš has earned international recognition for her various fields of work. Her Industrial and Furniture Design has been featured in publications such as Ambient, Architectural Digest, Dazed D, Elle Deco, New York Times Style, and Nothing Major. Kraš’ Fine Art and Photography have been exhibited in select group and solo shows in Copenhagen, Los Angeles, Madrid, New York and Paris, and has also been featured in Apartamento, Pig, A-3, and Vice (No-Photo Issue). Kraš has a self-published photo book titled OR-CA. Nominated by Ed. Varie, Kraš was recently selected for the NYC Maker’s Biennale at the Museum of Art and Design in Manhattan.

Ana Kraš’ Mothers With Spoons and Relationships will be on view from July 24 – August 10, 2014.

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