The Pocket Molecular Sensor

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Has your molecular sensor got you down? Sick of lugging around your old unsightly hunk of molecular scanning junk? Well fret no more consumers, because a new age in molecular sensor technology has arrived. Meet Scio. A pocket sized molecular sensor for the common man. No more awkward groping of cantalopes in the supermarket, you’ve got Scio to tell you how ripe your fruit is. Tired of over or under watering your plants? Let Scio take a look at your plant’s hydration levels. No nutritional facts on your favorite homemade goods? Scio’s can tell you whether that hippy butter you paid 15 bucks for is REALLY organic. With this unassuming little gadget that resembles a garage door opener, you can answer a plethora of curious questions relating to the molecular information of the world around you. How far will it go? Is this steak medium, or medium-rare? Is this weed Skywalker Kush? Do you have herpes? Are you my father? The possibilities are endless! Head over to the SCiO Kickstarter page to learn more and support in what could be one of the most useful devices since the iPhone.

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